The Role Of Betsy DeVos In The American Government

Betsy DeVos is one of the most revered leaders in the US. She has been involved in the transformation of the American education sector. Betsy came into the public limelight when she was nominated by President Trump as the secretary of education in the Trump government. Before her appointment, Betsy was known in the political and social circles as the philanthropist and an activist whose main agenda was to reform the American education system. Ever since Betsy was appointed the secretary of education, she has been using her powers and influences to improve the condition of the public schools in America. She has also not relented on her quest to ensure that charter schools are popularized across the United States.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holand, Michigan and his father was the founder of the Prince Corporation. Betsy has made a name for herself in the corporate world through her business interests in the manufacturing sector and the supply of automobile spare parts. Betsy got her academic qualifications from the Calvin College. Her undergraduate major was in arts.


In a recent interview with The Reformer, Betsy DeVos narrated how she has always been involved with the American politics through the Republican Party. Betsy joined the Republican Party in 1982 and became a delegate of the political outfit in 1986. In 1992, Betsy’s contribution to the Republican Party was acknowledged as he was nominated as a Republican National Committee Member, a post she held for five years. During America’s 2002 general elections, Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos contributed immensely to the campaign kitty of President Bush. Over the past three decades that the Betsy family has been involved in the Republican Party politics, the family has donated over $17 million to the party.


Betsy together with her husband Dick has always used their wealth and influence to impact on the lives of individuals in different regions across the US. The couple has disbursed millions of dollars to various charities, institutions and initiatives that seek to provide educational opportunities to the marginalized children in America. Currently, the DeVos family is ranked among the top do-gooders in the US. The initiatives developed by The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundations have helped many secure scholarships and research funds.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation have embarked on an ambitious project that will establish an institution for art in Michigan. Such initiatives are part of Betsy’s grand plan to improve the American education system.


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The Prosperity of the National Steel Car with Gregory Aziz

Arguably, Gregory J. Aziz is a reckoning force in the business and entrepreneurial circles. Currently, he is the president, chair, and chief executive officer of National Steel Car which is based in Hamilton, Ontario. The National Steel Car under the leadership of Greg Aziz has successfully placed itself as a premier railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in North America.


Notably, the firm is the only one in the vast North America to have an ISO certification numbered ISO 9001:2008, and has been consistently winning the TTX SECO annual award for over a decade now. Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario and is among the very educated individuals in the region. Greg J. Aziz went to the Ridley College where he subsequently joined the famed University of Western Ontario where he took on an Economics major. After his studies, Greg Aziz made his career debut in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, which is his family’s wholesale food firm. Visit This Page to learn more.


As such, the enterprise experienced unprecedented growth for more than one and a half decades. Intrinsically, the business became among the leading importers of fresh foods all over the globe including Europe and South America. The company additionally became the top distributor to the popular fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States and Eastern Canada. Besides working with his family enterprise, Greg J. Aziz has served on numerous investment banking opportunities in the New York.


Through his wealth of experience in investment banking, Greg Aziz facilitated a smooth, successful acquisition of the National Steel Car from the then Dofasco in 1994. His prime aim of the acquisition was to turn the entity into a great, well-reputed and successful Canadian entity in the railroad freight car manufacturing sector in North America. Through championing for team building in the firm, as well as significant engineering capabilities, considerable human and capital investments Greg Aziz managed to increase National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity from only 3500 cars to 12000 cars.


Under Greg James Aziz’s leadership, the National Steel Car has unrelentingly been striving to achieve engineering and manufacturing excellence. As the only ISO 9001 certified firm in its sector of participation in North America, the company has consistently held the honor through excellent performance for over 18 years through numerous rounds of recertification. Aside from its business call, the National Steel Car features an inherent, profound commitment to the Hamilton society through sponsoring and financing various charitable causes and entities including; Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Hamilton Opera.


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