Officer Uses Unnecessary Force On Teen

Eric Casebolt is a Police Officer from Texas, and he was recently involved in a very controversial moment that has swept the nation. In case you missed it, Police Officer Casebolt was called to the scene of an apparent crime. However, the police officer quickly found out that a group of young teens were throwing a pool party, and the incident was nothing more then a noise complaint issue. Unfortunately, Police Officer Casebolt decided to use extreme force, and his exploits were caught on camera. Eric Casebolt felt it was necessary to throw an African American female teenager to the ground.

The entire altercation was uploaded to social media, and millions of people around the world are outraged with the incident. Beneful’s Twitter page is filled up with comments about the issue. Nonetheless, it was recently announced on Yahoo! that a petition has been started in order to get Police Officer Eric Casebolt fired. As of right now, Eric Casebolt is suspended from the force, but there is a good chance that he will be fired. There has been far too many incidents like this in recent times, and I am sure that the public is going to make an example out of Officer Casebolt. However, im not sure if firing the Police Officer will solve all of the problems involving law enforcement.