Beat the Odds

Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, told reporters that he has stage 3 cancer in his lymph nodes. Hogan’s family who stood beside him during the news conference where he released this information. The mayor discovered a lump in his throat before going on a trip to Asia in early June. While he was away doctors were working quickly to diagnose his disease in order to give him a prognosis upon returning to the United States. Doctors told him that his cancer was an aggressive one. It had spread incredibly quick to his abdomen region and his spine.

Igor Cornelsen suggests that Hogan told his supporters that he is going to use the same energy and determination that he has relied on to serve the great people of Maryland in order to fight off this disease. It is incredibly unfortunate that Hogan has to fight this disease during the early stages of him being newly elected to office. His doctors estimate that the process to reduce his symptoms will take no more than 18 weeks. Hogan has numerous cabinet members who will take care of his official office duties while he is away.

Reporters noted that Hogan was extremely optimistic in the outcome of the process. Even with such an extensive treatment doctors believed that Hogan has a strong chance of success in beating the cancer. He even joked about losing his beautiful grey locks as a side effect from the disease. Hogan isn’t just looking to beat the disease, but become a stronger and more resilient governor at the end of this journey.