Contribution of the End Citizens United in the Johnson Amendment

For ages, the church and state have remained separated in the United States. However, this norm is about to change. Congress members are working to alter the powers of Johnson Amendment. The law does not allow the churches and non-profit organizations to support or participate in political campaigns. However, the End Citizens United are opposing the repelling of the law by the United States Democrats.

Some individuals have been aware of the existence of Johnson Amendment until the changes brought by the 2016 national campaigns. The current president Donald Trump during his campaign assured not to support the adoption of the Johnson Amendment. Majority of the citizens were not aware of the implication of repealing the amendment. The canceling of Johnson Amendment will open a loophole for people to donate indiscriminately to tax-exempt organizations. These organizations will in turn channel the funds to a source of choice.

End Citizens United are at the forefront to push for existence of the Johnson Amendment Law. Their president Tiffany Muller stated that the repelling decision is a plan to convert churches into secret political tools. Democrats are repelling the Johnson Amendment due to the possibility of support from the non-profit organizations. The year 2015, American citizens donated over $119 billion to churches. 2016 election was the most expensive in the history of America, which spend approximately $6.5 billion. If the amendment is opposed, the $119 billion might be channeled to support the political campaigns.

Johnson Amendment got passed in the mid-1950s. It was suggested by then Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson U.S. Senator. The accusations by the religious groups caused the formation of the law by the senator. His opinion was that, non- profit organizations had a biased advantage due to the fact they are tax-exempt formations.

Democrats have attached the Johnson amendment to other legislation pieces to cause an oversight passing and do away with the law. House of financial services has grabbed the much of the power from the law. IRS was barred from investigating Johnsons Amendment violations an indication that the law has no implications to those who abuse it.

During a study in 2016 by Pew Research Center, 66 percent of Americans opposed the combination of politics in religion. 100 of non- profit religious’ organizations have joined the End Citizens United to fight the repel of Johnson Amendment. The law which has been in existence for 63 years.

End Citizens United (ECU) is committed to reverse the decision of Supreme Court’s Citizens Unite that supported the unclear funding of politics in 2010. Over 325,000 people are in support for the ECU group. They have appended their signatures on the petition demanding the pass on of the legislation by the Congress.

End Citizens United has endorsed Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, 11 Democratic candidates. The group has a strategy to support contenders through initiatives like direct mailers, TV adverts, and voting. They target to set up an expenditure plan. The team hopes to assist in passing campaign finance restructuring. For more information visit:


Bathroom Bill: Betsy DeVos Opposed the Overturning Decision

When President Trump ordered to revoke the guidance for the protection of transgender children in public schools, it was Betsy DeVos who opposed the decision. However, Donald Trump continued with his decision to revoke what Obama administration issued earlier this year. It was February 23, 2017, when new guidance was issued and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was a part of the decision. In a statement from her, Betsy said that government is responsible for the protection of every student in the US. There should be freedom to learn and thrive in a safe environment. It is a moral obligation and not just the mandate of the federal government. She was called by President Trump in his office before the signing took place. There she said that the move is against the promises which were made publicly during the elections. In reply to that, she was asked to make some adjustments in the letter, so the students continue to feel protected. This information was confirmed by many sources. As Education Secretary, Betsy is bound to follow the order of the US President.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump decided to revoke the Obama administration’s guidelines for transgender students’ protection. According to the revoked guidance, transgender students were able to use bathrooms based on their identity. Despite opposition from his Education Secretary, Trump continued with his decision to revoke them. Justice Department and Education Department prepared the letter together. The debate of bathroom has now become a rift between Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Betsy DeVos was against signing the new guidelines giving the excuse that it would create problems for transgender students in schools. Jeff Sessions is also against the expansion of LGBT rights. The Attorney General requires the consent of Education Secretary to proceed with it. Meanwhile, supporters of LGBT rights showed their displeasure by protesting outside the White House. They chanted slogans in the favor transgender students. The amended guidance revokes the transgender students’ protection, but it instructs schools to do everything to protect them from bullying.

Betsy DeVos has a great record of philanthropic activities. Most of her donations are given through Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy donated a huge amount of ten million dollars in just 2015. The funds were given to different organizations, especially educational institutions. She donated four-hundred thousand dollars to Loudspeaker Media Inc. Success Academy Charter Schools received one-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars. Betsy promised to provide an equal amount in the future. Five thousand dollars were given GREAAT Schools Incorporation. Michigan-based Christian school, The Potter’s House, was donated two-hundred thousand dollars. A nonprofit group named Alliance for School Choice got hundred thousand dollars. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy received seven-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars were given to the Institute for Justice. Visit to know more.

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Soros And Friends United Against Trump

Recovering After A Major Loss
The electoral college victory of Donald Trump has stirred the nation. Defying most expectations Trump is now the president elect of the United States, but many of the power players on the left are unhappy. George Soros, one of the greatest contributors to Democratic campaigns, is planning a resistance effort to the future Trump administration. In particular Soros and his friends are forming the Democratic Alliance with the intention of preventing the president elect from carrying out his planned policy. In particular Soros is focused on ensuring the “First 100 Days” plan goes belly up.

Defending Their Legacy
The core goal of Soros’ resistance to Trump is the defense of the gains progressives have made over the years. The Democratic Alliance will seek out specific ways progressives can regain political seats and prevent portions of Trump’s agenda. Given Trump’s decision to make evangelical conservative Mike Pence his running mate and recent statements he has made in interviews there is much at stake. Trump has recently made statements on Investopedia suggest he may appoint judges to the Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade and Mike Pence has assured the public the Trump administration will pursue an anti-LGBT agenda.

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Making It Happen
George Soros certainly has his work cut out for him. In January Republicans will have a strong grip on the American federal government. All three branches are controlled by Republicans and many state level governments are controlled by Republicans as well. Despite the uphill battle Soros remains optimistic for good reason. Although Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college she won the popular vote by a wide margin. He hopes to use this as a springing point for the Democratic Alliance and their defense of progressive gains. In time America will see whether or not this strategy succeeds.

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What a Hillary Clinton Nomination Means for Moms of Little Girls

On Tuesday, June 7, Hillary Clinton officially became the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. For the first time in our nation’s history, voters will have the option of choosing a woman for President. Say what you will about Hillary – love her, hate her, or just wish there were different choices – this is a big deal, and people are taking notice. You can read more at

I grew up being told I could be anything I set my mind to – a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut. I had parents who believed in me and supported my dreams. Luckily, most of the professions I dreamed of holding had wonderful examples of strong, competent women who had already been there. What strikes me today are all the little girls who over time have dreamed of being President. Did they have people who told them they could be the first? Or were they surrounded with people pointing to the glass ceiling, telling them they could be anything they wanted to be – as long as it wasn’t President, because that is just out of a woman’s reach.

Tonight I will put my own two daughters to bed. Two young women with amazing potential, who haven’t even begun to dream all their dreams. I will kiss them and tell them to dream big, because ANYTHING is possible. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, one thing is for sure – at least now history will be there to back up my belief.

Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter Likely to Run for Governor

As just reported in an article for, the odds of Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter (D-Passaic) throwing her hat in the ring for the New Jersey governor’s race just went up. This is because at an event in Jersey City this morning, state Sen. Sandra Cunningham accidentally announced that Assemblywoman Sumter had already gotten into the New Jersey gubernatorial race. Even though Sumter laughed off the comment by Cunningham later in the day, she did not necessarily deny that she is considering a run. In fact, Sumter responded that her candidacy for governor is currently under “serious consideration.”

In addition to Sumter, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is also widely speculated as preparing to throw his hat in the ring for the governor’s race. He is joined by Phil Murphy, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, who has also announced that he will run for governor of New Jersey.

Sumter has been involved in state and national level politics for years now. Before serving as an Assemblywoman, Sumter was a part of the Electoral College in 2008 in which she supported Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president. Now, Sumter has publicly thrown her support behind Hillary Clinton in advance of the New Jersey primary scheduled for June 7, 2016. Sumter also comes from a family history of political activism. Her godfather is New Jersey State Democratic Chairman John Currie. Sumter is currently serving in her third term in the state Senate and has been a very active lawmaker so far.

The Myth Of Charles Koch Debunked

Charles Koch is one half of the siblings supposedly intent on making sure the 2016 Presidential election goes the way of the Republican Party. Charles Koch works alongside his brother David to provide funding for programs and groups dedicated to improving the chances of conservative leaning politicians obtaining a position of power, but the view they are buying elections is not one the facts back up.

Charles and David Koch inherited Koch Industries from their father, whom had developed an oil refining business the brothers pushed to new areas of success. The Koch Brothers are given a tied position as the fifth wealthiest people in the U.S. and have been taking a keen interest in politics throughout the last few decades, which include a period spent working to build a third party in the U.S. to rival the Democrats and Republicans.

The third party aspect of the lives of Charles and David Koch is often misinterpreted as being a reason for the brothers now seeking the best ways of backing conservative programs; Charles Koch has helped create a group of organizations dedicated to pushing forward conservative values within the confines of the GOP and not to gain control of the party itself.

A further area of misunderstanding the Koch brothers often face is the issue of their motives having an impact on U.S. politics, which they feel is more important than simply backing their own business interests. Charles Koch has continually expressed his concern over the various government agencies that create a federal government he feels is too large to be effective; reducing big government has little effect on the business career of the Koch brothers, but does fit in with their conservative beliefs in creating a better society through smaller government.

The Koch Brothers are not the only conservative individuals who are backing the programs and organizations developed under the umbrella of the pair. A large number of donors have now come together to support Charles Koch in his belief that conservative values should dominate in U.S. politics, which is something he has been driving forward since the reelection campaign of President George W. Bush. The insinuation that Charles Koch is driven by a clash of beliefs with President Barrack Obama is not backed up by the facts, including the fact Charles Koch was a major donor to the 2004 election campaign of President Bush.


Democrats look to make debt-free college the key campaign issue of 2016

Education has been a key point of debate for politicians and the 2016 campaign will be no different. The rising cost of education coupled with the high rate of college loans, and the over-saturated job market mean that many recent college graduates are really feeling the pinch in their wallet.

For the last few years, students and politicians have been working together to help solve this problem. Amen Clinics likes seeing this team work quite a bit. More students than ever before are working their way through college and finding they still have to take out loans to finish their schooling. These loans are easy to obtain, but many students don’t understand the loan process and end up dropping out early or defaulting on their loans.

Students like Ronald Nelson, who got accepted to all eight ivy league schools but turned them down due to financial concerns are becoming all too common. This is why on Wednesday nine democratic senators came out in support of a bill that would allow students to go to four-year colleges for free. Bernie Sanders has also announced a bill that would make four-year schools free.

The bill would be expensive, but it is not the first of it’s kind. In, Georgia tuition is free for students who keep a certain grade point average, and other countries including Brazi, Sweden and Norway. Other countries offer post-secondary education at a much-reduced rate, and some countries even allow foreigners to study for free.

Harry Reid to Stall TPA & TPP Until FISA & Highway Bills Pass

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is poised to give Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a taste of his own medicine. Senator McConnell successfully stalled the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general until Democrats relented in their filibuster of the Human Trafficking bill. Now, Senator Reid is vowing to stymie the trade promotion authority and Trans Pacific Partnership agreement until two other bills are passed. The bills in question are the Highway funding bill and the reform to the US Patriot Act requiring the FBI to go through a FISA court prior to obtaining phone record and internet usage meta data.

Senator Reid, who will be retiring from the Senate next year, was clear that the highway and FISA bills are of greater consequence to his party than trade issues. He also announced that he expects to have a unified Democrat party to block any GOP attempt to move ahead with TPA and TPP. Politically- savvy folks like Igor Cornelsen know that, at the same time, Senator Reid seemingly acknowledged that Senate Democrats will eventually relent on the free trade agreement the president is finalizing. President Obama is adamant the agreement will benefit US exports and workers. Democrats are distrustful and believe the trade treaty will end up weakening domestic environmental and labor practices. This is because under TPP, foreign companies will be able to sue the United States in special impartial courts if they believe US regulations unfairly impact their ability to generate a profit in this country.

Senate in Talks to Extend Contract for Contractor Over Senate Cafeteria and Janitorial Services

Despite the hoopla that Democrat senators have been making over the low wages paid to Senate cafeteria and janitorial workers as of recent, the Senate Rules Committee is in talks to extend the contract for Restaurant Associates. The entire matter may actually serve as an object lesson in terms of the perils of privatization without safety mechanisms in place.

Back in 2008, Democrats firmly controlled the Senate with 56 senators. The Rules Committee, which they chaired, privatized cafeteria and janitorial services. At the time, those workers were government employees earning an average salary of $37,000 a year with a benefits package. The contract required all existing employees to be grandfathered in under their existing compensation packages, but freed up Restaurant Associates to set a different pay scale and benefits package for new hires. The results were dramatic. Many of the workers now earn $10.10/hr which amounts to $21,000 a year. They may earn an additional $4/hr “fine” if they are unable to pay the premiums on company sponsored health care. Even with the additional hourly sum, their earnings are roughly 20% below what the average worker earned seven years ago with benefits, a statistic that is surprising to Brazilian businessman Fersen Lambranho.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt chairs the Senate Rules Committee and stated the wage concerns of workers would be factored in to the negotiations. That said, it is not the same as making better wages a prerequisite to winning the contract. Restaurant Associates is a foreign-owned entity based in England.

John Oliver Takes Wal-Mart, Gap And H&M To Task For Slave Labor Conditions In Factories

Yesterday, John Oliver used his show Last Week Tonight to remind CEO’s of fashion companies like Gap, Walmart, and H&M that paying workers at Bangladesh factories sub-par wages is bad.

Gap has come under fire every couple of years because of its business practices blogs Sultan Alhokair. News has come to light showing child-labor and deplorable work conditions, and while Gap has pledged to fix the problem every single time, the promises are usually forgotten within weeks with very little progress.

In the last couple of years after factory disasters have made the news, retailers have denied any involvement or knowledge of the sub-par conditions, going as far as claiming that their approved factories have outsourced the work to non-approved ones.

John Oliver took these retailers to task by offering to send them gifts of food to their offices, but claiming he had no idea how the food had been handled, as he outsourced the task to someone else.

But there’s one part Oliver didn’t focus on. While clothes are being made in sub-par conditions, these retailers are raking in record-breaking profits. Meaning factory improvements are possible if retailers simply adjust their profit margins slightly.

Last Week Tonight airs every Sunday on HBO at 11 PM.