Exercise Helps Postpartum Depression

Having a baby can be a joyful, amazing, yet somewhat frightening experience. Women who struggle with postpartum depression can find the happiness they expected to be unusually elusive. Though they face challenges, they need not do it alone.

Many women feel the need to hide their depression. Some are so good at hiding it that they are even able to successfully keep their troubles from their partners. As the dialogue surrounding postpartum depression has become more open, the number of women talking about and looking for ways to overcome postpartum depression has increased.

Connecting and sharing their experiences with one another is an important way for women to address the issues they face. Fitness classes have become a popular way for new moms to not only get back into shape but also to connect with other mothers.

Instructors realize the important impact they can have on the lives of the women in their classes. Many have begun to focus on building empathy and compassion between class members. It’s not just the act of being physically active that is helping. It’s the act of being physically active, sharing emotions, and laughing together that is helping struggling mothers feel like a part of a group.

Working out together seems to bring down natural barriers between women. Whether it’s the endorphins released by the physical exercise or seeing each other sweat it out every week, these mothers are creating important bonds that are helping their postpartum healing beyond the physical.