Beneful Inspires Confidence and Pride

Beneful® Dog Food brand, owned by Purina, launched a new marketing campaign highlighting its commitment to providing the best product for man’s best friend. The campaign features Purina employees describing why they feed Beneful® to their own pets. Describing the dog food as nutritious, safe, and high quality, the employees rally behind the Beneful® brand. The campaign, “I Stand Behind Beneful,” originated as a company-wide response to a baseless class action lawsuit. Although the campaign slogan originated as a way to dispel critics, it also encompassed the attitude that there is a reason 9.5 million households choose to feed their dogs Beneful®. Since its inception in 2001, Beneful® has been Purina’s best-selling dog food brand.

The employees felt so strongly about the quality and care put into the making of Beneful® that the company decided to feature the employees with their pets in television and print advertising, debuting as a full page ad in the New York Times. The campaign is centered on the philosophy that the Beneful® brand evokes pride and confidence in the people who make it and serve it to their own pets. The campaign aspires to make consumers and retailers feel like they are part of the Beneful® family, and it succeeds.