In a Tarnished Economy, Gold Shines Through


It’s no surprise that in times of financial turbulence, many people have trouble finding ways to keep their hard-earned money from slipping through their fingers. While some seem to be able to protect their assets with ease, you might be struggling just to make ends meet. Though finding the right investments for you might seem like an exercise in futility, the truth is actually quite the opposite.
Enter gold, the commodity that beat out all stocks in percentage returns from 2005 to 2011. Should the dollar ever decide to drop in strength, guess what commodity’s value will only stand to rise? You guessed it, gold. The globally demanded precious metal is seen as an extremely safe investment by countless experts in the United States. Gold is accepted in many investment markets across the world, and will most certainly hold its value through any economic turmoil given its inherent value that has existed for centuries. In fact, even with the strengthening of the dollar projections say that gold will increase to a price of as much as $4,000 per ounce in the coming years. What could this mean for you? Take a look at the price of gold 20 years ago. At $400 per ounce, anyone who invested their money in gold in 1995 may end up seeing a 1,000 percent or more return on their investment in the near future. Invest in gold now, and you could very well experience those same gains before you even retire.
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