A Brief History of Eucatex

Eucatex, a name that is popular in Brazil was born in 1951 and has continued to thrive since that time. Initially, Eucatex was a small group, but it wasn’t until 1954 that the panels factory portion was up and operating in Salto. This company was producing linings, panels, and other products from the fibers found in eucalyptus. At the time, the potential of the company was not realized, but today it thrives by supplying furniture manufacturer’s everywhere.

Packaging, supplies for industrial corporations and companies making cars and toys have all been able to benefit from the products that Eucatex provides. Bloomberg writes that the group has been able to thrive in various areas including manufacturing, the business within agriculture and construction as well. The complex where the main operation is located, include four factories of various sizes in Salto. The first three include paint, varnishes, and plates. The additional factory, where minerals are taken in and processed is located in Paulinia.

The fibers that Eucatex obtains from the eucalyptus also aid in the production of panels and flooring. There is a separate factory today for this portion of the company that is located in Botucatu. Forestry is now a new segment of the company and it has created the basis for which Eucatex built a nursery where seedlings are planted and aid in the growth of more eucalyptus trees and other plants that may be used to create more products.

The family behind Eucatex, the Maluf Family is the engine that makes it all run. Flavio Maluf, the son of a Brazilian politician is the brains of the company today. With his experience, it’s no surprise that he is able to grow the company to bigger and better things. His business acumen has given him insight into new ways of investing and growing his family business. With various segments of Eucatex now spanning the globe, it’s exciting to see what will be next for them.