Shark Forces Swimmers Out Of Ocean

Several swimmers were ordered out of the ocean while they were at a New Jersey Beach. This is becoming an event that takes place too often. It seems like there are sharks that swim along the shores every day. This leads to an increase in shark bites as the animals are looking for food. When you see a shark’s fin, it’s best to get out of the water, but there are times when the animals will swim underneath the water, and you can’t see them until they are clamping down on a foot or an arm.

The shark was spotted along the coast of Deal. When lifeguards saw the animal, they immediately told swimmers to come on shore. It was spotted about 100 yards off the shore, which is close for some sharks to swim. There have been a few sharks that have ended up on land, not able to get back into the ocean unless there is someone willing to help give them a push. After about an hour, lifeguards let swimmers back in the ocean because there was no sign of it being in the water. The shark was seen swimming north along Long Beach. Lifeguards did the right thing in getting people out of the water as soon as the shark was spotted as there could have been an injury reported instead.