How To Avoid Common Complaints That Come Up At White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital ad agency and SEO company, and their regular customers offer similar complaints every year. The White Shark Media team is more than prepared to handle these complaints, but customers would do well to know how to avoid these problems in the future. This article explains common complaints that can be mitigated with a bit of wisdom from the White Shark Media team.

#1: AdWords Got Away

AdWords campaigns are easy to forget about, and the customers who do not feel in touch with their campaigns may be dissatisfied. Working with White Shark Media helps customers get a report on their AdWords performance every week, but customers who need a refresher are welcome to contact the White Shark Media at any time. A member of the White Shark Media will help explain where the AdWords campaign is, how it is going and any changes that can be made.

#2: Communication Is Not Ideal

White Shark Media is more than willing to schedule a monthly meeting with clients to go over their results. A report from White Shark Media may not fully explain what is going on, but someone with White Shark Media will explain the report in-full with the client. These meetings van be done over GoTo Meeting, Skype or over the phone. The process is simple, and clients can remain up-to-date without spending too much time talking to White Shark. Clients are also welcome to change to advisors who are more in-tine with their needs.

#3: Why Did The Older Campaigns Work Better?

Some clients feel that their older campaigns worked better, and the White Shark Media team is happy to review the performance of each campaign. Clients may find that a new campaign has not had enough time to mature, or an old campaign may simply be better. White Shark Media is willing to meet the problem head-on to ensure that the client is happy, and this process can be completed in a matter of moments.

#4: Phone Inquiries Are Happening Every Day

White Shark Media has created a method for tracking phone contacts, and those contacts are factored into the ratings for the website overall. The clients who need to have their phone inquiries checked can do so at any time with the help of White Shark Media. White Shark is available to solve problems for their customers, and clients with questions can have those questions addressed quickly.

White Shark Media: Learning From Feedback

There have been complaints over the year by customers about White Shark Media. This is synonymous with every growing business. We at White Shark Media aim to learn from the complaints that our customers put forth in order to ensure that we keep improving our services in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Reviewing both compliments and complaints from clients has resulted in a better business, which we wish to keep improving for our customers.
There are a few common complaints received that we have since solved since the early days of our business. These complaints were generally concerned with clients not feeling as though their needs were not being met. Some of the clients complained that they could not view their campaigns and that they couldn’t reach people in the agency for troubleshooting. As a result, we improved visibility of ads on our site as well as providing our clients with more information on how they could check how well their ads were doing.
Additionally, we introduced a platform where we could have monthly online meetings with our clients in order to keep track of their ad progress. We also put each of our clients in touch with their own individual in our firm who would tend to their needs and whom they could reach at any time. Other clients complained that the new ads we created for them weren’t as effective as the previous ones. Therefore, we decided to retain as much as possible of all past successful campaigns in order to ensure that the new campaigns achieve the same result if not better.
Over the years, successful campaigns have remained in use in order to ensure that the clients get the desired results. Other complaints involved contact people whom the clients couldn’t relate with. Therefore, we decided that other people would be involved with the clients and not just the contact person in order to ensure that the clients get a variety of opinions. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer SEO services yet but we are willing to help our clients to choose an SEO company by reviewing their options. We provide call tracking since most clients contact their clients on the phone.
Overall, the complaints White Shark Media have received over time have been an essential building block in the company we have today. We welcome client opinions so that they may help us serve them better.

White Shark Media is The Digital Marketing Agency To Call

SEO strategies are comprised of several things, one of which is keywords. When coming up with a searching engine marketing scheme, keywords must be a serious part of this equation. They keyword is used to classify your business and to reach the targeted audience. They can also dictate the entire content of the website. SEO classification and the importance of keywords have drastically changed over the past few years. Keyword stuffing to maintain a higher place in the search results has changed due to the algorithms changing. Doing this method now will get the website at the bottom of the list and not the top. It’s all about quality these days.

This is just one mistake that is commonly made during an SEO planning. Many people want to know how many keywords should be used on a page. When you stuff keywords, you are aiming at drawing attention from the search engine and not the users. Content aims toward the users and not the search engine. There has to be a balance that allows both to be utilized. When it comes to how many keywords to put into a website, the answer is just enough to be effective. Your material should read normally and not seemed pushed. If the material doesn’t have a natural flow, you’re overdoing it.

Your keyword should be in the page title. This will allow both searchers and the search engines to know what the page is about. Next, it should always be placed in the main headline. This will allow users to find the topic they want while searching little snippets from your landing page. So many people forget the meta description and it is important. Though it will not boost your ratings, it will help draw users and increase your click through rate.

If at all possible, be sure to implement your keywords into images. The main goal is to not go overboard. If you keep repeating the keyword, it just won’t have the right flow. You can use as many keywords as it takes to get your point across, but don’t pile them on top of each other. Read your text out loud and make sure it doesn’t sound silly. If the text sounds good audibly, then you are good to go.

White Shark Media is helping business to get their web pages in proper SEO format. From the keywords to the content and everything in between, they are the company to call first. This digital marketing agency wants to help take your business into the current century and allow you to reap the benefits of a well-placed strategy.

Tips on How to Target Your SEO Keywords in a Precise Manner as Provided by White Shark Media

In any SEO strategy and search engine marketing campaign, keywords are quite imperative. Their use varies from classifying a business, dictating the content of a website to ensuring that the intended audience is reached. Today, the use of keywords has changed. With this change in mind, it is important to know how to use them in the right way. This is because search engines only present the best results.
Although keyword staffing is commonly used, it is no longer the effective method. It can trick search engines. Users looking for such information end up finding information that is not valuable. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes when using the keywords, the following are best methods of doing it. To begin, you should use the keyword on the target page but with a focus on the users that will be searching your page. You can easily achieve this target without too much keyword repetition by organically positioning them for easy search.
It is good to tell the users and the search engine regarding the contents of your page. The best way to do achieve this objective is by having your keyword mentioned in the title page besides making it appear in the headline and not forgetting the Meta description. It is also important to use them in the images and repeating them twice to thrice within the content page. The other important factor to consider is how to target your SEO keywords. Targeting can be done by doing keyword research correctly, grouping the keywords into categories, and turning them into real headlines.
You can also target keywords by including synonyms and not the keywords. That is done by getting the keywords that are relevant and splitting them after the search intent. The search engines are capable of understanding the synonyms as long as the intent remains the same. The main aim of that is to focus on the search query because it is the best in solving any intent.
White Shark Media is specialized in undertaking AdWords management solutions and performance evaluation. It offers its services at affordable rates with open lines of communication via phone and email. Its entire staff is certified according to internal and external standards. In addition, White Shark Media is the Google AdWords premier SMB Partner. It is highly regarded by clients owing to its ability to increase conversions. The company has the necessary experience and results to show for their performance when it comes to attracting customers for businesses.

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