Dr. Sergio Cortez is in a Battle in the Jungle

Lately his job is becoming a very difficult task and he has absolutely no room for error in his calculations because many lives will be affected negatively. The future of many Brazilian children is at stake here. Last Sunday early in the morning, The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes will be taking an extended tour of the region near the city of Xerém, Duque de Caxias with his evaluation team to survey the effects of the recent flooding and landslides that have impacted the area. Due to extreme weather consisting of torrential downpours and heavy winds throughout Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Brazilian national government has sent out 220,000 troops and train workers to assist the local residents.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and his evaluation team will be looking for contaminated waters as well as any still water that can be harboring the mosquito larvae. Secretary of Health Cortes, the 220,000 troops along with specially trained workers and volunteers are literally in a major war against the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Extra.Globo caught up with Dr. Cortes and asked him a few questions about this plan to try to combat the Zika virus, dengue and several other viruses and diseases whose transmission has been rapid partially due to the contaminated floodwaters.

Dr. Cortes is looking at the screen on his computer in the “situation room ” which is located inside the one of the seven emergency dengue hydration centers that the state recently built in the region. He is observing some of the data that has been collected from specially trained workers at the emergency center. Dr. Cortes explains that each of the emergency centers have 12 special hydration chairs designed to help combat the symptoms of dengue, Zika virus, yellow fever and other viruses and diseases that are currently spreading into the contaminated rainwater and the mosquitoes.

State Health Sec. Sergio Cortes was quoted as saying “We are taking steps relying on the worst, hoping for the best. This center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of accumulated garbage in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation.” Dr. Sergio and his team are actively decontaminating infected waters in the area and are being assisted by special volunteer groups, state workers and troops. At the heart of the problem is the rapid spread of the Zika virus that has literally taken the Brazilian nation by storm.

Sergio Cortes: The Best Michel Jackson Impersonator

There are many people who try to impersonate Michael Jackson today, but the truth is that none has come as close as Sergio Cortes has. Born in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes has decided to impersonate the late Michael Jackson from the way he dances to the way he dresses. What’s interesting is that he does not only portray Jackson in his attitude, but also physical appearance.
Sergio Cortes started impersonating Jackson as a small boy, although by then his intentions were not to look like him but dance like him. Coincidentally, he looked just like Michael, something that saw him draw crowds anywhere he visited. A local reporter went ahead and posted pictures and videos online, and Sergio became a star. His videos received a lot of recognition almost immediately, and he started receiving requests for shows. Millions of people attended his shows while only a teenager, which led to him realizing what a good career that was. As Sergio grew older with time, he started refining his moves and sound just like Michael in order to impersonate him completely.
Many people have tried to impersonate Michael, but what keeps Sergio Cortes unique is his ability to perform like him. A 44 years, he moves, looks and sounds just like Michael Jackson. He has posted hundreds of videos across different platforms in the internet, showing people his unsurpassed skills. He mimics all the dancing moves of Michael including the famous moon walk and sings all his songs, leaving the audience mesmerized. Today, Cortes lives and performs in Brazil, where he is considered a celebrity.
The work of Sergio Cortes is renowned by numerous fans in Brazil and South America. Most of his fans acclaim that he is the best impersonator of Michael Jackson, mimicking all he used to do. They love him just as almost as they did to the king of pop. All his performances have seen him gunner universal following, achieving an impressive 17,300 likes on his Facebook page. The Human Nature Live, one of his biggest shows held in Italy, proved that he could be the next king of dancing just like Michael.
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Sergio Cortes Looks, Dances, And Sings Like Michael Jackson

The king of pop is dead. Millions of people around the world are inconsolable. Many are lamenting the fact they never saw him perform and they will never get the chance. But take heart. There is someone that dances, sings, and moves so much like Michael Jackson it’s like seeing the king of pop himself. The man is Sergio Cortes and many people consider him to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. The praise is not new to Cortes. Ever since he was an adolescent in Barcelona, Spain people have been comparing him o Michael; especially when they saw him dance.

Cortes has been learning Michael’s moves as long as he can remember. Ever since he first saw the Jackson 5 perform he was fascinated by the way Michael danced. He spent endless hours learning the steps. By the time he was a teen people were coming from miles around to see him dance. Cortes did not pay too much attention to all the excitement. He just loved to dance. Gradually the crowds got bigger. Cortes began to get invitations to dance on live shows and television programs all over Spain. Journalists began to write stories about him. He became a local celebrity.

But when someone put a video of him on the internet his life began to change. He became an international sensation almost immediately. The crowds continued to grow. They were now coming from all over the world. Agents wanted to represent him. It was at that point he began to realize he was becoming an international entertainer in his own right. But it was still lots of fun. He was simply doing what he had done most of his life. He was having a great time dancing like his idol Michael Jackson. Life was good.

Eventually Sergio Cortes moved to Brazil. People from all over South America came out in droves any time he performed. Packed houses and screaming fans became the norm. The same is true when he travels internationally. He is now in the midst of a tour that starts in Italy and will take him all over Europe. Even die hard Michael Jackson fans are impressed. His moves are smooth and flawless. When they hear him sing they can’t believe their ears. It looks and sounds like they are in the presence of the one and only king of pop, Michael Jackson.