Disabled Children Excluded From Yearbook in Utah

Every now and then there is that one story that makes you just want to reach out and smack someone. Such is the case about the yearbook scandal in Tooele County, UT. In an effort to make the yearbook more appealing, they have excluded any students who have special handicaps that might make them look different than the other children. Sam Tabar rightfully told me one mother is outraged and rightfully so. Her daughter was excluded from the yearly publication and Amber Bailey is hurt.

The 21 year old has been in every year book since she started school. Yes, she looks a little different than the other children, but she still attends school there. There are tax dollars that are given for her each and every day she is in attendance, but she cannot be in the yearbook. Her mother is not going to let this one rest, she has went to the media in hopes of bringing light into this dark little towns prejudices. There were 17 students in all who were excluded from the yearbook this year. A move that is making many see red. Does this not teach students that being different will exclude you from things, like the very yearbook that they are entitled too? What makes them so different that they don’t deserve a commemorative book from their school too?

I am sure we haven’t heard the end of this one. With parents out for justice, the news channels are jumping on board to help. The schools only defense was there wasn’t enough pages. We will see who wins over this one.