E-Governe As the Perfect Tool for Public Administration

E-Governe is a complex system that can be used as a technological tool to assist in Public Administration of education and healthcare. The Instituto de Informatica (ICI) is responsible for installation and maintenance of the system for any local government that needs it. The system was recently installed in Teresina to assist in the management of human resources. Mayor Silvio Mendes was present, and he hailed the system’s usefulness and functionality.


Part of these important benefits includes monitoring of service delivery and identification of problems as well as speeding up feedback to service delivery. With the various components of E-Governe installed, the city must now embark on training its staff to utilize the capabilities offered by the new system fully. The municipality of Teresina has immediately embarked on training to accelerate implementation of the new tools offered by E-Governe.


Osasco, another Brazilian municipality has also signed on to E-Governe. Located in greater Sao Paolo, this municipality required different services, but E-governe was able to deliver. Osasco needed a school management system, and thus E- governe provided Educacao school management system. Under the contract, ICI will also supply computers, install electricity and build a call center for the city’s education department. This will benefit over 138 schools as well as the municipality’s education department education headquarters.


The education system allows access to reports on the internet; this means management reports can be issued in real time. The said reports can easily be shared thus minimizing rework duties. It is also secure as it controls access in accordance with security levels. This ensures integrity and security of information. E-Governe has provided the city with an efficient and time-saving tool for their education system.


ICI is responsible for providing health care management systems as well. In public administration, efficiently managing the healthcare sector is always a formidable task. E-Governe has stepped in, and it has made things much more functional and economical. E-Governe integrates all healthcare units and sectors into their system. This enables the system to do a lot with the information such as scheduling of appointments and generating a useful clinical or medical chart for use by the health care professional.


This system also helps the professionals themselves organize their schedules thus eliminating service queues and improving the quality of service delivery overall. E-Governe helps to control the distribution of medicine to pharmacies as well as the scheduling of specialized consultations and exams.


The system is still utilized in the management of ambulatory services and can help the clients manage the financial aspects of healthcare. This system is particularly useful as it can be used hand in hand with other e-government solutions. There are numerous benefits of having this system; these could be how it regionalizes attendance to control the flow of patients from nearby municipalities, or how it improves the organization of processes thus improving efficiency. It can also be used to map out health units and control the flow of patients between these units.

E-governe Saves the day all the Time


Yes, e-governe is as collaborative design of three top performing companies and a system that proves to be an essential tool and must-have item for any government providing superior service to its citizens. Surely, Minauro, Sisteplan and Consult bring the very best in system deployment, information technology plus government rules and regulations embedded within aspects of the system.



And, the results when using e-governe are user-friendly navigation with convenient accessibility in multiple locations using mobile devices. The security measures, functions and features designed into system are air tight and built around per user access, which makes them virtually impossible to hack into from outside sources. Of course, this all comes with customer support that does not just know the technical aspects of the system but also knows how to execute operational functions, for complete customer care. This all goes to a data center that performs in one location but also hosts, processes, store and monitors information that comes across its path.



The benefits to Public Administration from using the e-governe system all comes down to simple and economic functioning bodies and responsible, reasonable healthcare management. The everyday business off providing medical attention is no longer interrupted by the task of being too busy from contacting patients and managing the time of medical professionals. This is all possible due to integrative technology that puts healthcare units, their sectors and the charts they use all on one data base. It makes setting appointments and tracking progress much more comprehensive. However, e-governe does more than that by controlling ambulatory issues, hospital bed counts, the stock of medicines in pharmacies, the proper application of vaccines and the scheduling of specialized consultations or examinations.



Certainly, there is more than enough to brag about when it comes the services available under e-governe, and each benefit just makes all the others look even better. The regionalization of overall attendance itself is most helpful in the running of government and the assessment of demographics within an area. But, then things get better from there with the control of patients between municipalities. There is also the ability to control the agreement between municipalities, which standardizes the expected operating procedures between any two or even three territories. It balances the books when it comes to payment and dues with no sweat involved. There is just better sense of organization to the workday when this system is present. It is so detailed in its operation that it can monitor and control the flow of patients through health units, which cuts down on the guess work of knowing where a patient is along in their treatment.



Perhaps, the best part about e-governe is that it is already doing well in so many cities across South America. For example, the municipality of Teresina is set to follow in the footstep of so many others before it and give the system a try on their human resources departments. Its test run is set to be implemented by e-Governe (Instituto Curitiba de Informatica). It boils down to city Hall being able to do more for the public it its serves daily.