How Edisoft Software Can Enhance Supply Chain Performance

For any company to become successful, the supply chain performance has to be effective. In a bid to improve the supply chain performance, numerous companies have been experiencing challenges. However, the introduction supply chain performance software has made it easier for companies to become more effective. For instance, Edisoft has been in the forefront developing software to help manufacturers and suppliers realize their full potential.


In a bid to help suppliers and manufacturers, the company has been effective in leveraging data. The integrated system that the company offers for their clients has managed to make their work effective. The company has succeeded in developing software that facilitates the various aspects of the supply chain management. For instance, vendor compliance has become easy after the introduction of the software. Warehouse management has also been simplified after the introduction of the effective software. Edisoft has been able to attain the global appeal after a short period of time.


Indeed, the company has a wide customer base that is willing to utilize its services to the fullest. For instance, shipping companies have found the different software of the company to be very suitable. The headquarters of the company is based in Toronto, Canada. However, it is also important to note that the company has offices in Miami, United States. The technology introduced by the company has made it easier for different institutions to reduce labor. This is because companies have been able to automate and streamline their services with a lot of ease.


The software of the company has made it possible for various suppliers to improve their profit margins. The ability to help clients cut costs is the main reasons why more companies are embracing the use of Edisoft software. There are various ways in which the performance of a company improves after the introduction of supply chain management software. For instance, complying with the various business processes will become much easier after the introduction of the software (YouTube). The software has also come in handy for companies that wish to realize accurate data. Accurate data can be very helpful for companies that wish to enhance business intelligence and hence make better decisions.

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Fighting and Preventing Crime with Rick Smith as a CEO

Public safety and security work on different levels. It is often a behind the scenes work people are not aware happens at all. And many people don’t know that a lot of it happens directly in prisons and other correctional facilities. It is a combination of effort and operations carried out by law enforcement, prison staff and technology companies. Sometimes even the inmates are not aware that this kind of work is taking place right under their nose. The law enforcement doesn’t hide that conversations are recorded. But inmates, as well as the people on the other end, don’t always think about it.CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith can attest to that. His company works to research, develop and implement the newest technology in prisons. It was beneficial for the inmates as well as more than 2600 prisons and different law enforcement and public safety agencies across the States. Rick Smith started work at Securus in 2008. He is a man of vast and varied experience, and his resume is a clear testament to that. A smart and talented leader, Rick Smith helped Securus grow, and the company recently acquired JPay, another technology company working with prisons.

Securus created and designed a video call system which allows inmates to communicate with their family and friends. JPay moderates an email and letter writing system, providing communication and social interaction to inmates who very often don’t have this kind of opportunity otherwise. It helps the prisoners have a connection with the world outside and decreases a possibility that they will return to prison after being released.The conversations are recorded, and law enforcement has been able to secure warrants and carry out investigation solely based on the discussions or conversations in the background. It means that cases can be solved more efficiently and crime prevention system is also in place.

Rick Smith Securus graduated with an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology as well as received his Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Later he also obtained a Master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. His education background and experience make him the perfect man for the job at Securus. He is passionate about technology being the best way to allow prisons to move forward and not stay stagnant.Securus work on creating better methods for communication for the prisoners as well. They are considering a special device that could offer inmates more possibilities to communicate with the outside world. The conversations would be monitored, but prisoners would be able to speak with legal team, access materials for future education and even call friends and family. This would be another great way to make their return to the outside world easier and would ensure that they don’t return to prison.

The Amazing Impact of Rick Smith in Serving the Correctional Industry

Rick Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technology. This is a company established with intent of serving the correctional industry by offering different services such as emergency response, monitoring, communications, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, public information and incident management. Rick Smith joined Securus Technology in 2008.Rick Smith is thought by many people to be the right person to take such a significant position in this company. This is partly due to his experience in matters regarding the industry and partly due to the drive and focus depicted in shaping the correctional industry. With the trust given by the stakeholders of the company and even many people within the correctional industry, Rick Smith has been able to improve the activities of Securus Technology constantly. He has so far served as an undisputed leader in the company and promises to take the company to a higher level of performance.

Some of the elements that make Mr. Smith an ideal leader for Securus Technology include possessing an excellent background and an impressive record in his past tasks done. Moreover, he has unique skillset which makes him stand out as a leader. Some of the sectors that Mr. Smith has previously worked in include business development, telecommunications, finance and many more industries. This positions him as a leader who has knowledge in relevant fields such as entrepreneurship, technology, and correctional industry hence being the appropriate leader for Securus Technology.The education background possessed by Mr. Rick contributes to his success as a leader in a company that has dominated the technological sector in many correctional facilities. He acquired an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition to this, he has a bachelor’s degree in engineering attained from the University of New York.

In an interest to further his education in engineering, he pursued a master’s in this field from the State University of New York. He also studied at the University of Rochester where Mr. Smith acquired an MBA.The incredible expertise of Mr. Rick is attributed to by the several organizations that he has worked with and even held leadership positions. He held various positions in Global Crossing North America Inc. between the years 1972 and 1998. He labored as a chief information officer and even as a controller in this firm. Other organizations that he has worked with include Midwest Telephone Operations, Frontier Information Technologies and Network Plant Operations among others.Between the years 1998 and 2000, Mr. Rick worked in Eschelon Telecom as a Chief Financial Officer. He later worked as the president of the company between 2000 and 2003 and was then promoted to be the CEO of the enterprise. His significant achievement in working with this company was raising the revenue of the company from $30million to $350 million.

Personal Cyber Security by Rubica

Cyber attacks have become more prevalent as we have become more technology-oriented. With each passing year, the number of attacks rises as well as the severity. A single virus has the capability of affecting hundreds of thousands of computers at once and wreaking havoc. Personal cyber security has become more important than ever.

The damages caused by cyber crime were almost $500 billion between 2013 and 2015. In May 2017, President Donald Trump signed a bill that focused on cyber security in the US. Now is the time to improve your own personal cyber security.

Rubica can help you achieve peace of mind by protecting your personal cyber security and information online. You can browse on a private network while specialized cyber security experts actively search for hackers. Rubica has had 10 years of experience serving the security needs of individuals.

Rubica is concerned about its clients and partners with many other groups to help serve you. It is their goal to educate and inform about the need for personal cyber security in the modern age.


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Cyber-Security Importance

Lately, cyber crimes have been on the rise causing deterioration of large enterprises. Attacks such as the Wannacry attacks where more than 150 countries were affected pose a high threat to information on the internet. In response to the ransomware attacks, many companies are heavily investing to guard themselves against any vulnerability.


According to research done by Investing News Network, cyber crime attacks through using ransomware have risen to four times the regular attacks. In turn, companies have faced significant losses and data destruction. During the Obama reign in the United States of America, there was a proposed budget to cater for cyber-attacks. The current American president Donald Trump signed an order to improve the technology system in the country.


Since many companies are committed to protecting their products from attacks, digitization of the businesses has been seen as a potential way to reduce the crimes.


Rubica, a company that provides services for cyber security, has a team of experts who will alert you if action is needed. In privacy and digital security, the company has been on the front line and is located in the US.


Due to the rising demand for the for cyber security and ransomware curbing, Rubica has become rooted for more than ten years in their expertise. This company has attracted investors far and wide who have funded the growth of this company to a world class level.


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Impacting the World with IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services believes in making the impossible possible. Ingenuity creates opportunities for talented individuals to make an impact in various situations. The company’s services range in a wide variety including logistics, infrastructure solutions, and disaster relief. It takes individuals with all kinds of expert skill sets to fill out the employee roster at IAP. The company’s capabilities allow U.S. government agencies and its allies to operate in foreign environments.

IAP worldwide offers many career opportunities. The company is dedicated to employing military veterans on Its relationship with the Armed Forces has remained strong throughout the years. IAP prides itself on supporting the countries military men and women. It plays a critical role in the transition military members have from active duty to civilian life. This transition is often stressful and confusing. Service members are uneducated about the path they are about to take. IAP Worldwide Services ensures that the service members have a smooth transition. Working with the Transition Assistance office is crucial. There are also job fairs arranged for veterans to make contact with potential company employers. Job opportunities range from logistics, to combat operations, to base management. Healthcare is also a key element provided by IAP Worldwide Services.

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The United States Navy recently signed a 900 million dollar support contract with IAP Services. The company will be involved in many aspects of military operations. They will assist in facility support services, as well as assistance in humanitarian relief and natural disasters.

IAP experts were called in for support with Hurricane Matthew. Emergency power support was needed. IAP activated over 100 power support experts to service the many generators needed to bring electricity back to the community. The company on was contracted by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2013 to provide Emergency Services during times of national significance.

The contract of IAP Worldwide Services with the US Army Distributed Common Ground System is valued at 53 million. Task within the contract include data processing, hardware accreditation certification, systems reconciliation and warehouse operations. These are skills that the Army will look to deploy worldwide while training in Fort Hood, Texas.

IAP was founded in Irmo, SC. They began with a contract with the US Army to provide generator support. The company has maintained a working relationship with the military ever since. IAP Worldwide Services is present on social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.

IAP Worldwide Experts Called in Support of the Mathew Hurricane

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has been selected to provide emergency power stations and offer the necessary assistance in support of the Mathew Hurricane for the regions IV and V of FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has deployed numerous professionals under respective teams to the East Coast Initial Support Base with locations in North Carolina, Fort Bragg, Florida, and Orlando to offer their support to the states to prepare for the regional effort.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s response support emergency unit has helped various missions such as the Katia, Sandy, and Katrina. The company has also supported other devastating events on PRNewswire that include deploying expert personnel to crisis-hit zones, commodities, communication systems, and emergency power. During the 2011 season of hurricanes, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed more than 120 power professionals to develop effective emergency power generators throughout regions including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The contract, awarded by the United States Army Engineers Corps in 2013, has allowed IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. to support public requirements works, provide emergency power, and engineering services during the national significance incidences. Doug Kitani, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that the company is always contacting the United States government and other agencies supporting this get-together ahead of the Mathews Hurricane. For this reason, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. team is ready to do all it takes to help the community and sustain their customers.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s teams situated in Canaveral Cape Office have evacuated the emergency response center and the region in the Panama City Office. For over two days, the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. EOC staff have been working under a coordinated system, developed by John Matasich, to make a unified force with all the company’s Primary Response Teams. They include Georgia and Washington, D.C. area. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., through their ECC partners, are providing for the Naval Facility response Engineering Command-directed missions to prevent further harm by the storm.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading international service providing company with over six decades of substantial experience. IAP Worldwide provides a broad range of solutions to the United States government and other state agencies. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. maintains offices in Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Washington, D.C., the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. For the company to develop personalized solutions and services to their clients, they have a well-trained team of professionals who world around the clock to meet their needs.