Pope Francis Condemns The Jihadist Attacks On Christians

Pope Francis is making progress around the world. People of all faiths are listening to what he has to say. He had a lot to say on Easter Sunday about the Islamists that attacked a school in Kenya. No one expected such an attack. There was no reason for the extreme brutality that took place, and the Pope wants everyone to understand that our complicit silence is not okay.

The world is divided by religious extremists. Boraie Development said we are living in a world where Christian extremists discriminate using religion as a shield, and Muslim extremists use force to be heard. Both factions are tearing the meaning of religion apart. Christian and Muslim purist allow the extremists to break down the common bond of unity that holds humans together. Religion is now a flag of violence and bigotry. It is no longer a house of sanctity for the radicals.

Peaceful Christian are being attacked all over the world, and peaceful Muslims are bearing the responsibility for the few extremists that express their anger using the name of Allah. But some Christians do the same thing without the killing. Christian bigots assassinate the personal character of those they fear, and they rejoice in separatism. The Pope says aggressive behavior has to stop, but the responsibility to stop is in our hands.