East Brunswick Kmart Expected to Close this March

The Sears Holding Corporation, the parent company of all Kmart stores, announced on January 5th that 108 Kmart stores across the country in an attempt to stem losses. This includes the Kmart of East Brunswick, a store located along Route 18 at Arthur Street. The East Brunswick Kmart has long been a smaller but reliable department store for residents of the township. Local residents even describe it as a convenient place to quickly run in and grab a few necessities. However, in recent years foot traffic to the store has dwindled, as has business. The Sears Holding Corporation has labelled it as “nonprofitable” and decided to close it as the corporation is beginning to have some struggles as a whole.


Regular shoppers of the East Brunswick Kmart may have gotten the first clues of the store’s closing when its entryway notified customers of a “store closing sale,” in which it would not be participating in any other promotions, coupons, or circulars. Qualified employees affected by the Kmart’s closing will have the opportunity to apply for open positions at other local Kmart or Sears stores.


In addition to the East Brunswick closing and the total 108 Kmart closure across America, the Sears Holding Corporation will also be closing 42 Sears stores nationwide. However, none of the New Jersey stores are included on the list of closures. The struggles now faced by the Sears Holding Corporation, though, are not unique to it. As retail shopping declines with the rise of more convenient and often cheaper online stores, many companies are under pressure. Macy’s, for example, has also announced that it will be closing 65 stores nationwide, including 3 in New Jersey. Additionally, JC Penney stock has been plummeting since the end of the holidays after underwhelming holiday sales. It seems all of these events are part of a trend that means moving away from retail and towards online stores.