Student Test Takers Monitored

There is growing concern over monitoring of social media accounts during student testing. Specifically, the education giant Pearson, is being challenged by some parents and school officials over the practice of monitoring given student social media accounts while they are taking the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College Common Core test, PARCC. A report by BuzzFeed News, states a New Jersey School District Superintendent voiced in a letter to other school officials that he found the practice “disturbing.”

Meantime, the Department of Education had informed the superintendent of Watchung Hills Regional High School that they were aware of the monitoring practice occurrence during testing.
In comment to the news media from Bruce Karatz, Pearson is reported to welcome ongoing debate and exploration into PARCC test administration. They see the monitoring as an effective means to ensure the security of the test, and fairness to all students concerned. They inform local districts of potential incidents of questionable cheating, and let the disciplinary actions be determined and initiated by the given municipality. Some feel students who oppose these means will retaliate by refusing to take the PARCC test.

Keith Mann Raises Funds for Testing at Uncommon Schools

Every year millions of low income students complete college and have to head out into the real world to find jobs. However, they often find there is a gap between their knowledge and that of their peers due to their economic position and a limited access to educational resources. To help bridge that gap Keith Mann the founder of Dynamics Search Partners hosted a fundraising event to help boost the mission of Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the New York Standard Hotel Beer Garden and raised more than $22,000 for Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon Schools focuses on helping low income students get to and through college. One of their focuses was to make sure that students had access to student testing for the upcoming school yaer. This year Uncommon Schools will open up a new Brooklyn charter high school and in the past has helped pay for AP and PSAT testing. Before the fundraiser was held Dynamics Search Partners already showed their dedication to the cause by donating $10,000 to help offset the costs of student testing. Keith Mann first started working with the Uncommon Schools via Dynamics Search Partners in 2013.

Keith Mann stated that he believes Uncommon Schools is a highly innovated program and is committed to allowing students to find academic excellence during high school that might not otherwise have access to great education. The solid base will help prepare them for success in the future as they enter college on par with their peers instead of in remedial learning classes. For more on Uncommon Schools and Keith Mann check out the original story at CBS News 8.