Millennials Are As Racist As The Baby Boomers

Racist Parents Teach Racism To Their Off Springs

The recent events in Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina show how divided the country is when it comes to accepting diversity. We don’t handle differences very well. We fight about our religious beliefs, our marriage standards, our race and our gender orientation. We learn to fight about things that don’t conform to our version of truth at an early age. Our parents may not say they are racists or bigots, but their actions tell a different story. We live in a society that fears differences and condones sameness.

Recent surveys show that Millennials may not be as prejudice as baby boomers, but the point spread is not large enough to say the country is handling race relations, sexual orientation and same-sex marriages any better than the generation before them. Folks at STX Entertainment (  know that America was founded on the premise that all citizens have equal rights and the freedom to express their beliefs.

We are caught in a religious war, and the consequences of that war manifest in pockets of sanctimonious beliefs that reject the rights of others. Our government is filled with deep-seeded bigots that have the power to make laws at the expense of our freedom.