Woman Has 7 Children Quarantined After Refusing Vaccines

A Canadian mother, Tara Hill, was once adamantly against vaccines for her children, but she now facing the consequences of her choices. More accurately, her children are suffering from the choices she made to not vaccinate, all seven of her children have been diagnosed with whooping cough.

In a recently published post by Hill for the Scientific Parent, she states “The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m writing this from quarantine. For six years we were frozen in fear from vaccines, and now we are frozen because of the disease.”

This story has now gone viral because of the recent debate going on all over the country about mandating vaccinations for children. As of right now, any parent can refuse vaccinations for their children on the basis of religious or personal beliefs. Sam Tabar (wikipedia) knows that this has become a hot button issue for many parents, with both sides having very strong opinions.

However, many people are fighting to get that law changed and are citing cases like Hill’s as the reason why. Whooping cough was thought to be eradicated but the decline in vaccinations may be giving this possibly fatal disease a new chance at life.