How Wikipedia Can Jump Start Your Marketing Plan

In the world today it can be extremely difficult to build a successful business without having some sort of web presence in any capacity. The same could be said for an individual trying to market his or herself. A good online reputation can be a huge boost for someone trying to start a brand.

A Simple task like creating a Wikipedia page can be very beneficial in the long run and grand scheme of things. Whatever marketing strategy you’ve come up with, is substantially more likely to succeed if it include Wikipedia. Though this may be a new idea to you, it is definitely not a new concept. People have been using Wikipedia to boost online marketing strategies for years.

Though Wikipedia may not be getting as much attention as social media websites it is still a viable option to help build something from scratch. With the right person at the helm Wikipedia can be one of the best marketing tools out there.

If you’re interested in using the open source community for marketing purposes the first step is Wikipedia page creation. A page can draw a lot of attention to your brand. It is the sixth most visited website in the United States.

Learning the best way to create a Wikipedia page isn’t as simple as creating a social media account. Whatever your trying to market has to be notable first, no ifs, ands, or buts. This is the general rule of creating a web page on the site.

Once you’ve successfully created a page you’ll have to start monitoring it. Because Wikipedia is open source and anyone can edit what you’ve wrote, monitoring your web page is very important. Though many of Wikipedia’s writers and volunteers are trustworthy, sometimes individuals with malicious intent try to spoil the website with Wikipedia revisions that don’t properly reflect the nature of the business, topic or person the Wiki page is about. Wikipedia knows you’ll probably be too busy to check your page on a daily basis so they’ve came up with a to notify a user if there has been changes to his or her page.

If you are still finding it difficult to keep an eye on your page or figuring out what it should say Get Your Wiki is another great tool Wikipedia offers users. Through Get Your Wiki you can receive help creating or editing your page. The site can also help keep an eye on your page when you feel a bit overwhelmed. All in all Wikipedia is a great site that is unmatched in a lot of areas.