IAP Worldwide’s Relevance in the Provision of Global Support Services

IAP Worldwide Services is renowned as a US-based multinational service provider due to its diverse services. The company serves both government and non-governmental organizations. IAP excels in providing program management services using safe, reliable, and creative methods. The company has satellite offices in Florida, Washington DC, Oklahoma, the UK and the UAE. IAP’s services also target clients based in 110 cities of 27 nations.

US Navy Contract

In 2016, IAP Worldwide Services was among other four companies that were awarded a contract by the US Navy. The contract is based on an indefinite-quantity and indefinite-delivery policy. It is known as the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II that is valued at $900M. IAP’s director and CEO, Doug Kitani, said that IAP targets clients’ indigenous needs across the globe. He also stated that IAP Worldwide Services strives to maintain professionalism as it supports Global Contingency Services, which is an arm of the US Navy.

IAP has been praised for serving government agencies with reliable program management services in the past. The company has also been praised for supporting DoD contracts that require contingency. Since 1996, IAP has supported the US defense forces through the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP). IAP Worldwide supports many Air Force programs. Rick Nohmer, who acts as the VP of US Navy Global Support Services, said that IAP Worldwide would provide the Navy with infrastructure support and maintenance services. He also mentioned that under GCSMAC I, the Navy executes task orders internationally. He was pleased with IAP’s efforts in revolutionizing the US service industry.

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IAP will provide the Navy with services such as incidental construction in natural disasters, military endeavors, and humanitarian efforts. The company will also provide incumbent breaks needed to support the country’s nationwide security efforts. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command manages IAP’s contract. The contract dictates that the US Navy will receive IAP’s services until September 2024.

Hurricane Matthew

IAP Worldwide was contracted to provide emergency power and assistance to mitigate Hurricane Matthew, which caused physical damage to the East Coast. The hurricane affected Fort Bragg, NC, and Orlando, FL. IAP deployed several disaster management experts to the site to curb the effects of the storm. IAP also provided emergency response services during hurricanes Katia, Sandy, and Katrina. The company has also been instrumental in mitigating effects of natural disasters by providing communication systems, emergency power, and basic commodities.

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