The Youth of Today Help Save Man on Brink of Disaster

Schools are out for summer in many places and teens are able to roam around at will, putting the fear of God into elderly folk out for a stroll as they zoom by on their skateboards. “I blame the parents!” or “In my day…” are regular lines thrown after them in disdain.

Two Northern English teens, Kian and Ellis, have helped redress the balance by talking a man down from a bridge from which he intended to jump to his death.

Alex Brown, the mother of one of the two boys, is quoted as being extremely proud of the pair, but perhaps she should get credit too.

Taking pride in your children is so much easier when they do something good, but this parent has clearly instilled compassion and a sense of right and wrong into her child for a very long time. That sort of automatic reaction doesn’t get built in overnight. Well done, Alex, your hard work just paid off!

If the two boys had done nothing at all, avoided the situation and just walked on home, then no one would have been any the wiser. Likely though, there would be a dead man in the news instead of a pair of heroes.

Doing the right thing as a parent is often hard. Seldom are parents rewarded with such dramatic results and life changing outcomes.

These two have made international news and can say with pride, “We saved a man’s life”.