YouTube Red and Kids

For parents who enjoy letting their little ones browse videos to both learn and stay entertained during long car rides or busy moments during the day, YouTube has integrated YouTube Kids into its YouTube Red subscription. The two now work together to control exactly what content your kiddos see while your focus strays from what is on the screen in front of them. In the article it is explained that parents will be able to do everything from sort through ads that may be inappropriate to limit the total time they spend online browsing their favorite viral stars’ videos.

This promising advancement will help bridge the gap between technology and old-fashioned interactions due to the ability to cap the hours a child can remain in front of a screen. This can encourage them to budget their time as well as ensure that the content they have access to remains educational or aligns with a parent’s views. For instance controlling ads that children are exposed to can keep them from craving junk food or witnessing movies that you may not feel is right for their age.

The creators have said that the new Red inclusion has already accounted for four to five percent of the company’s total revenue, which is an impressive amount for anyone who has done a little snooping into YouTube’s earnings. This is promising for fans of the Kids version who hope to continue utilizing its features to entertain their children and attempt to keep them growing and quiet at the same time.