Zika Scares Impact on Upcoming Olympics

The upcoming Olympics are to be held in beautiful Rio de Janeiro this year, but some health officials are not sure if that is such a good idea. The Zika virus has spread to thousands of people in Brazil causing deaths, microcephaly, and Guillain-Barre syndrome. If participants in the Olympic games visit the country, they too would be at risk for contracting the disease. This is a serious problem because some countries have had no cases of the Zika virus so far, such as India. If athletes from there were to contract the disease, they could spread it to the non-infected countries. They might even bring back infected mosquitoes or larvae, which could cause even more deaths. Though the Olympic games are an important tradition, risking the lives of visitors, athletes, and coaches is hardly worth it. The World Health Organization (WHO) has close ties to the Olympics, but they are refusing to change the location of the upcoming event even though it is common knowledge that Rio has done very little to thwart the mosquito problem to make the games safer. This has raised questions as to their leadership, and some are calling for members of the group to step down. WHO says that participating in the Olympics is a decision that should be made on an individual basis, but this hardly considers the people that could be impacted if the Olympics causes a further spread of the virus.