CCMP Capital Forges Ahead Towards a Bright Future

For year, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has stood head and shoulders above other private equity firms to become one of the most prominent and respected investment houses in the world.

Beginning as an offshoot of J.P. Morgan Chase back in 2002, CCMP Capital has gone on to become a force in the world of private equity corporations. They hold an impressive portfolio of businesses, representing a diverse range of entities, from medical conglomerates to fast food.

In the world of private equity investing, special care must be maintained by the investing entity. Often times, an investment depends completely on the ability of the external lender to monitor and make the beholder company profitable. In the case of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on patch, their wide portfolio allows them an intricate relationship with the companies they invest in and turn around. And because of this relationship, they are more apt to transform or recondition an existing business to profitability than others.

Because of this knowledge and specialized ability, the company has invested in a wide berth of companies. To continue to see level profitability and growth, a private equity firm has to be well-versed in determining and predicting trends and forecasts that may signal a company’s growth or decline, and act accordingly.

Individuals, such as Stephen Murray, the former CEO of CCMP was well-versed in methods and strategies that made private equity funds successful. He orchestrated the growth of CCMP over a number of years, and ran the operation as the CEO. His diverse background, including being on the boards of companies like Octagon Credit Investors, Murray lead CCMP into unprecedented growth and a unprecedented position of prominence in the private equity space.

In 2007, CCMP Capital quickly became a known leader in the private equity market, having been recognized as the 17th largest private fund in the world. Since its current inception, CCMP has tendered almost $12 billion in capital for growth and leveraged buyout transactions.

Over the years, the main focus of CCMP Capital was to acquire and transform business entities into viable and profitable ventures for its clientele. They have done that and much more. Their many strengths in strategy, skill and ability has them heading towards continued diversification and portfolio growth into the foreseeable future.