Cell Phone Hotels A Win For All

Could you imagine a middle school or high school student in the US being asked to surrender their phone during school hours? Well that is exactly what is happening in Norway. According to LinkedIn, officials have implemented a rule that requires students to place their cell phones into a wooden “Cell Phone Hotel” at the beginning of each day. That is where they remain the “Hotel” is a wooden box with “rooms” for each student to store their cell phones.

The results of this measure has been accepted very well by most students. The absence of technology is allowing the students to connect socially again with each other. The results are not what you would expect either. The students are embracing this and the interactions are more positive than not.

This is a win, win situation and a policy that every school in every country should look to implement if you ask me. It keeps the children learning, the cell phones safe and it still allows the students to have a direct way to contact parents if needed.