Changing Gender Roles At Home

Recently, Huffington Post released an article stating how gender roles in parenting were evolving from just a few decades ago. This evolution is changing what it means to be a parent in the 21st century.

To be honest, I love that in my family, we actively do things to tear away gendered roles to any task in parenting and in the household. Both my partner and I love to cook for the family. Whoever doesn’t cook cleans the dishes. The kids help out with both cooking and cleaning. The kids set the table. We eat together. We watch TV together, and usually snack on a delicious fruit salad or other treat that either my partner or I made (or my daughter, who’s turning into quite the little chef). In how we manage our home, there is nothing that either my partner or I won’t do, and there is nothing that either of us is expected to do.

Even in how we parent, we don’t expect each other to do things based on gender roles. We can both change diapers. We can both drop our kids off at soccer practice, teach them how to drive, and help them with their homework. We can both mentor our children, be emotional with them, and also use discipline to guide them towards better behavior.

Being better parents is something that has nothing to do with gender roles, so we might as well get rid of them anyway.