Changing How You Parent: This Week’s Must Read

Have you ever thought about changing how you parent? If not, and especially if you have, read this week’s must read. Has your child ever acted up in a way that has made you wonder how that kind of behavior could be possible from something you are raising?

Yeah, that’s a feeling every parent has, and it’s okay to have those feelings as well. Being a parent isn’t about being perfect, and your children are okay for your well-intentioned parenting mistakes, so realize that there’s room for growth and then commit to changing how you parent.

When I get mad at my child, I would sometimes talk loudly to him and then storm out of the room, never really expressing my true emotions but also never really blowing up at him either. I thought I was teaching him emotional restraint, but I was really teaching him how to conceal his true emotions and sweep them under the rug. That is a terrible way to deal with emotions and I want my child to grow up to be an emotional solid man, so I had to change how we interacted, a huge component of my parenting. We started talking to each other more when we were mad, and we listened to each other. We were honest, and there were so many safe spaces for both of us to express ourselves.

Ultimately, making changes positively impacted the health of my child, and I’d do it over again if I had to.