Chefs Making Lunch More Appealing?

A study that was recently released by the Journal Of JAMA Pediatrics explained that in schools where there is a trained chef preparing meal options, children are eating healthier. This includes both fruits and vegetables. There were some challenges with children agreeing to consume a few other healthier options such as regular white milk instead of chocolate milk. More than 2,600 students from the third to eighth grade range in two low income urban schools near Harvard University were studies. Trained chefs were assigned to these schools to come up with a new menu where fruits, veggies and low fat recipes were a priority.

Each child had their lunch tray weighed before they ate and then again when they were done. This measured how much the child had actually eaten. Bruce Karatz is aware that the study showed that when vegetables were prepared in a more appealing way they got eaten more. For example, adding broccoli or greens to a vegetable soup was more accepted by the students than if it were simply dropped on the tray whole. Not only can this information reduce waste in schools but it can also help determine what might help children eat healthier and make better nutritional choices. Children are not necessarily opposed to eating healthy but there are many schools that are not taking the time and applying the effort to making these healthy foods look and taste good to the younger crowd.