China Launches A New Censorship Weapon

China is very picky when it comes to the Internet. Chinese citizens are faced with government censorship while surfing the net, but they have found ways to override that censorship thanks to sites like GreatFire and GitHub. The new government weapon to stop those illegal tactics is called Great Cannon. Great Cannon works by alternating the Internet traffic that crosses into Chinese territory.

China is a powerful enigma. The Chinese government usually gets what it wants because they have the money to change what they don’t like. Kevin Seawright sees this as a positive and a negative. The government doesn’t like the Internet if you read articles on it. But it tolerates it in order to sell products. The Chinese may not considered themselves capitalists, but they certainly talk and act like capitalists. The government likes to use other words to describe their massive influence in the world market, but everyone that knows China knows it’s all about the money.

The Internet threatens China’s stability and financial control. The Chinese way is to tolerate minor infractions to a point, while they devise other ways to maintain control over the masses, and their trading partners. Their ingenious system has worked for centuries, but the Internet is a threat to that system. Chinese officials still don’t know how to control it without causing a mass upheaval in the country, but they will figure it out.