Coalition Of Black Churches Breaks Its Fellowship With The U.S. Presbyterian Church

The National Black Church Initiative has a membership that has some political weight to it. NBCI has a coalition of 34,000 churches and 15.7 million black members. The Presbyterian Church USA recently approved same-sex marriages, and the NBCI doesn’t want anything to do with same-sex marriages. According to the African-American Coalition, same-sex marriages do not follow Christian teachings and the Word of God. The NBCI stands staunchly behind the Word of God. Their coalition wants the PCUSA to repent and stand by that Word too.

Brian Torchin asks what’s wrong with this picture? An African-American group of churches wants to discriminate against the gay and lesbian community, and in their religious minds God says that’s okay. If there is a list of double standards, the NBCI decision is surely at the top of that list.

We wonder why the world is at war. We wonder why we can’t get along. The answer is simple. Our beliefs create separation, and we don’t accept one another. We don’t celebrate diversity; we fear it. We allow our rituals and religious reasons color our sensibility. God doesn’t create the laws; humans do. Our religious beliefs have caused more death and destruction than the natural acts we fear so much. It’s time to recognize the villains of freedom and equal rights. It’s time to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for our distorted beliefs.