Compassionate and Insightful, a Leader of Investors

Some of the most reliable growth in the global economy has come through investment. To be more specific, a majority of the financial growth within the last several decades has come from the unstoppable growth of the stock market. Those investors who consistently perform the best are not necessarily day traders. Rather, it is those investors that diversify their investments, and can weather the ups and downs of the global economy. There is growing evidence that by maintaining composure through several years or even decades will provide the largest return on your investment, and the consistent advice from financial experts is that the stock market is a safe bet in the long run. If you can afford to put money into a few stocks, or index funds, and you have the composure to not pull out hastily, the market will provide significant growth.

This principle is emphasized by a variety of investment leaders, including hedge fund managers, CEOs and day traders alike. One recent example of this came at the end of August 2015. Due to political and economic turmoil in China, as well as an explosion in a port, the stocks dropped almost 500 points. For two days many media outlets reported on the falling prices, leading certain investors to pull out of the market as it dropped. However, by the end of the week almost all stock markets ended up higher than the previous week. Those investors with the foresight to maintain their investments and not pull out made a good amount of money through their patience. Although patience is not always advised in the media surrounding investment banking, in many cases it is just this principle that pays off. Another important quality in bankers is insight. Being able to predict ripples, drops and gains through a variety of economic, political or environmental pressures is a quality that makes the difference between a “good” investor and a “great” investor.

Many financial gurus are in search of the type of intuition and know how that has been found in certain leader within the investment banking industry. One of those leaders that has become highly regarded for both his insight and his patience is Ken Griffin. Ken Griffin graduated from Harvard, and is founding member as well as CEO of Citadel LLC, an investment and securities company based out of Chicago. Since his graduation from Harvard, Mr. Griffin has become one of the 100 richest people, and has even created a substantial scholarship fund at his alma mater. Ken Griffin has been greatly rewarded for his business acumen, and is an inspiration to future investment bankers from around the nation, including those graduating with help from his scholarship fund. He has dedicated his free time to advocate for a stronger education system, and enhance community engagement of all kinds.