Dad’s Teaching Methods

In recent news, a young girl that was publicly shamed and humiliated by her father committed suicide by jumping stated Multi Vu. Her father had shaved her head and made fun of her on a video which he posted to the internet. The father’s video went viral and many rightfully questioned his parenting techniques. Public shaming has become all too common and the resulting effects of it are devastating to the victims who often don’t think they can face anyone afterwards. After Arsenio Mcleod watched a parental shaming video, he decided to make his own with his child. He began the video like other shaming parents have, but just as he is about to shave the child’s hair, he stopped and began talking to parents from the camera about how wrong it is to humiliate your children this way. His video is profound because he demonstrates how to positively remind your child to not give up when things get hard. We need more parents like him to set standards that it is not alright to humiliate as a form of discipline.