Dan Newlin: He is on Your Side as Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident or car accident and need a lawyer, you can’t go wrong by hiring Dan Newlin, personal injury attorney at law. He is well-known by being the main lawyer of his team at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin of Florida, and has also opened up offices in the Chicago area.

Newlin started his career by working in law enforcement when he was 20 years old. He worked at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. After that, he worked at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, in Orlando Florida and stayed there for ten years and ended his career there as a Sherriff’s Detective. Dan Newlin then became a fugitive detective until he got accepted into law school at the Florida State College of Law, and he graduated there in 2000.

Florida Designates Newlin’s Team as A Super Lawyer Law Firm

Newlin’s team of expert attorneys were given the distinctive honor of being called a Super Lawyer Law Firm, which is something that fewer than five percent of Florida law firms will achieve. Newlin says that he prides himself and his team on giving their clients the best possible and first class legal representation.
Dan Newlin has recovered more than $150 million dollars for his clients in the area of accident and injury cases. The office has 18 experienced and dedicated lawyers to swiftly take on any case that comes their way, and the first consultation is always free of charge.

Unique Phone Call Connects Clients

It’s quite simple and unique to get a hold of Newlin and his office. All you have to do if you need help is to call #Dan. Newline worked for many months to get the phone companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon to allow him to offer his clients this simple method of calling for help if they have been involved in a personal injury or car accident and need a lawyer.

Newlin’s team concentrates their law cases on events such as injury, accidents involving auto, motorcycle, pedestrian, trains, construction sites and more, as well as those involving nursing home abuses, wrongful death cases, and medical malpractice cases. So call #Dan if you need help regarding the above topics and live in Florida or Illinois.