Death with Dignity Following in Gay Marriage and Marijuana Footsteps

One central facet of life is that we want it to go on as long as possible. A long and healthy life is a dream and goal for nearly anyone. Medical science combined with a little common sense in dietary and exercise habits have made this a reality for more Americans than at any time in our country’s history. Though we have had some success in putting off the grim reapers grasp, it cannot be avoided completely. When our time comes, some of us are lucky enough to have a quick and fairly painless death. Gianfrancesco Genoso also says then there are those who will likely linger on for weeks or months, sometimes in terrible pain and anguish for most of that time according to some JusBrasil reports. The “death with dignity” movement has been advocating for people in this situation to have control over how and when to end their own lives.

This movement seems to be one of those that is sweeping the nation. Riding on the heels of the gay rights and marijuana legalization phenomena, the passage of laws allowing some level of physician assistance in suicide seems to be spreading. This is, of course, not as celebrated a movement since, unlike marriage or getting high, there is no joy in dying.  A quick and immediate death, however, can still be a better option than a slow, painful wasting away toward that inevitable end. This movement seems to be spreading through a combination of referenda, legislation and judicial challenges. Five states currently allow doctors to write lethal prescriptions for patients to self-administer, and bills have been introduced in over a dozen others this year.