Democrats look to make debt-free college the key campaign issue of 2016

Education has been a key point of debate for politicians and the 2016 campaign will be no different. The rising cost of education coupled with the high rate of college loans, and the over-saturated job market mean that many recent college graduates are really feeling the pinch in their wallet.

For the last few years, students and politicians have been working together to help solve this problem. Amen Clinics likes seeing this team work quite a bit. More students than ever before are working their way through college and finding they still have to take out loans to finish their schooling. These loans are easy to obtain, but many students don’t understand the loan process and end up dropping out early or defaulting on their loans.

Students like Ronald Nelson, who got accepted to all eight ivy league schools but turned them down due to financial concerns are becoming all too common. This is why on Wednesday nine democratic senators came out in support of a bill that would allow students to go to four-year colleges for free. Bernie Sanders has also announced a bill that would make four-year schools free.

The bill would be expensive, but it is not the first of it’s kind. In, Georgia tuition is free for students who keep a certain grade point average, and other countries including Brazi, Sweden and Norway. Other countries offer post-secondary education at a much-reduced rate, and some countries even allow foreigners to study for free.