Economists and its Impact.

An economist is a person who is really knowledgeable in the discipline of economics. These people study, develop theories and concepts about the world of economics and sometimes even apply their own theories. They work in various fields including government, the private sector and also academics. They study data and statistics and develop trends of the world’s economic status and attitudes of the consumers. They develop this information using their gained skills of statistical analysis and computer programming. By the end of the exercise, they give reports on their findings and give recommendations on how to make improvements and capitalize on the latest trends.

Christian Broda is one such economist. Currently, Duquesne Capital management is run by him as the managing director. Earlier on, he worked in one of the best schools of business as an economics lecturer at University of Chicago. He is also a writer and has published many books on finance and trade. His publications have also been published on numerous journals. Currently, he is working as a hedge fund manager. He is a member of the National Bureau of Economics and an editor at the Journal of Development Economics. He has been awarded two grants by the National Science Foundation to support his research and he has also been named as the James s. Kemperer Scholar of the Year.
Mr. Broda on worldstreetjournal believes that the US Dollar will still remain the world’s currency of choice despite many people saying that the Dollar is on the verge of losing its status as the “super currency”. He has gone to encourage investors to continue making investments on the dollar saying that the currency will get through the rough patch. He has also supported the bank of Japan despite the fiscal collapse.
Most economists usually work alone as the views of one economist are not necessarily the views of another. However, from time to time the work with other economists and statisticians. Economists normally dictate the path their careers will take. They choose between taking a focus on mathematical techniques and a more layman way of explaining to people the economic impact of certain activities. Their profession is not dictated upon and there is no need for having a license to become an economist. What is mostly required is the academic qualification of a degree or masters in economics from a recognized university.
Economists have a great impact in the society as they give direction on the path which should be taken if an economy is to thrive.