Editing on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. The peer edited encyclopedia has become THE place for information on almost every subject imaginable. From general topics all the way to specific information on niche figures, Wikipedia has made it their goal to keep real time information up to date on all things. In order to accomplish this task on the millions of pages of data, Wikipedia has been forced to hire an endless group of volunteer editors. These editors maintain the encyclopedia from the comfort of their own home and are the fuel by which the entire machine is run. Editing Wikipedia is not easy, however, and requires near constant learning of the different rules available. Listed below are the broad strokes of what it takes to make a Wikipedia page on getyourwiki.com.

Quality research begets quality articles.
Working on Wikipedia entails the same sort of effort that should be expected of scholarly work for Universities. Wikipedia has high expectations in regards to the sort of citations that they require for articles to be posted. Citations must be chosen in the form of best source available and they must be cited properly at the end of the article. Writers can find the proper format under the Wikipedia Manual of Style.

Avoid controversial and biased subjects.
In order for Wikipedia to exist in perpetuity as the go to resource for information seekers, the encyclopedia has to maintain a neutral point of view in regards to all of their posted content. Authors are pushed heavily toward understanding how to keep their content unbiased and devoid of controversial opinions. In fact, opinions as a whole are to be thrown out of the article while still in the editing room. A Wikipedia article should reflect only the information therein and not the voice of the author who posted it to the website.

Refrain from posting personal articles.
Wikipedia is not a compendium of all information that has ever existed, so authors should avoid trying to post content that does not pass the notability policy that Wikipedia has instated. The most common violators of the notability policy are authors trying to post their own personal content to the Wikipedia in the form of advertisements for products, personal pages that are not deemed notable, or by fluffing up a friends article. These devalue Wikipedia as a whole and allow the website to turn into one controlled by the writers, which is not what is wanted.