Envoy teams up with OneLogin to help its user base

For those that don’t know, Envoy is a software company located in San Francisco. Most of the process of using that software is automated for ease of use for visitor registration. They are one of the fastest growing technology companies out there in the world right now and their success is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Envoy is working together with OneLogin to create a SCIM(System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol for user provisioning. This will allow customers to speed up their application rollouts by synchronizing each individual attribute of each individual user to their respective applications. This includes first names, last names, middle names, emails, office locations, and much more.

A system like this not only helps the customers for Envoy, it also helps the employees who work with them by maximizing speed, priority, and efficiency. Under normal circumstances, having to manage all of that data for each and every customer is a bit of a nightmare, to say the least. They need to check everything there for every customer to make sure it’s all entered into the system correctly.

So it’s clear that this is the best route for Envoy to go as it only helps everybody out in the end. But some Envoy customers may be wondering at this point, what exactly is OneLogin and why should they trust it or be happy that it’s implemented for them at all? The reason is actually a lot better than even the software can make it seem at first.

OneLogin is a cloud based operation that promotes security first above all else. They support the open management and identity standards not only providing free toolkits but also guidance on using them as well. They’ve been doing this process for years and have become one of the most trusted companies to work with when needed for security purposes.

With this in mind, it seems that this partnership between Envoy and OneLogin is a match made in heaven. So it seems that users of both platforms are going to have much to look forward to within the coming days.