Extreme Parenting?

An article recently appeared in the Huffington Post detailing one family’s 13,000 mile trek together in what the article calls an “experiment in extreme parenting.”

I think this is a really cool idea, and this is something I definitely want to do with my kids someday. I want to take my kids hiking from an early age so that they climb all of Colorado’s beautiful 13ers and 14ers while they’re still really young instead of waiting until they were in their mid 20s like their dad. I want my kids to snorkel and skydive, and do things that get their heart pumping. I want our whole family to go on safaris and expeditions that are low impact and high on interaction and empowerment with the local community. I want my children to see exciting parts of the world I didn’t get to see when I was growing up. I want them to be able to open up a National Geographic and say they’ve been to one place in that magazine.

Providing those kids of opportunities isn’t about spoiling my kids, because I certainly think they should be exposed and humbled to the fact that not everyone can have those kinds of opportunities. However, being an advocate of “extreme parenting” is just saying that you want your child to live and have the room to experience parts of our world totally for themselves.

Who could argue against that?