Fasting Could Be The Next Big Thing For Dieters

Scientists have made an amazing new discovery that will change the way losing weight, and keeping fit have both been viewed in the past. They have determined that unlike what has been the belief in the past, fasting is not really bad for your health. On the contrary, not only will fasting help you lose weight, but it also has a number of amazing health benefits. It reduces cardiovascular risk, reduces inflammation and increases insulin resistance as well as lowering blood sugar levels. This new discovery is an absolute game changer, since it debunks several theories concerning fasting and its effects on your health, and makes losing weight way much easier.

From the research, a new weight loss method has been established. Intermittent fasting is a practice that involves skipping meals over regular periods of time or periodically reducing the amount of food consumed over time. This method has been proven to effectively help you reduce your weight in an amazing way. It helps you lose the body fat while retaining the muscle. This is because when you fast, the body eventually runs out of carbohydrates to digest, therefore resulting to digesting the stored fats in your body. This makes it perhaps the easiest way to lose weight currently known to man.

An extra advantage is that fasting will make you much more resistant to illness. Researchers found that it works much in the same way as a physical exercise by putting the body cells under mild stress and taxing the muscles and the heart, therefore making them much stronger and more resistant to disease. One main concern with fasting, however, is the hunger that one must endure. Indeed, this is the reason why 38% of fasters dropped out within 6 months of starting on the plan, a figure which is 10% higher than other weight loss plans dropout rates. However, research shows that hunger is not quite a concern once one gets used to the plan. You become much more tolerant to hunger as the body adapts to the lack of food on certain days. Many fasters testified that after a while, one becomes so occupied at work or doing some other activities that they do not even notice that they have not eaten the whole day.

A key point to take note of is that fasting is not as much about food deprivation as it is about changing the calorie intake. Therefore, and this is a big plus, you can eat all your favorite meals in any desired quantities on your normal days without affecting the progress on your weight loss. Of course, you have to take care not to over-consume your favorite calorie filled meals on the normal days. But this is highly unlikely, as it has been proven that the average increase in food intake ranges between 10 and 15%, which would have no tangible effect on your weight loss project.

So give this plan a try. It is simple and very little, if any, side effects. The best part is that you can always quit if you fell that it is not working for you.  Of course there are those that want meal prep services, that weigh Nutrisystem cost vs buying regular food, or even fasting.  See a breakdown of how this can work out on PureHealthyLiving: