Forefront Income Trust and the 8 Percent Return

Whatever opportunity investors choose in deciding where to invest their money, their goal is to receive a return on investment that makes the venture worthwhile. While many people tie their financial fortunes to the stock market, others prefer to look to other opportunities. One of the most promising investment options for people who have smaller amounts of money to invest is the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund, which has been designed to offer high-growth options for investors while providing diversification. But what makes this fund unique is the fact that it was designed primarily for non-SEC accredited investors who nevertheless are seeking chances for financial growth.

The Forefront Income Trust hedge fund, designed and created by CEO Brad Reifler, is just the latest in a string of financial successes for Brad. With his 30 years of experience as both an investor and entrepreneur, Brad has used a keen sense of what people need and want to produce one winning venture after another. By establishing himself as a financial professional who can be trusted by all those with whom he deals, Brad has been able to consult with many of today’s top economic professionals. Whether it is an economist from China, a political leader in Washington, or an executive from a Fortune 500 company or Wall Street, Brad has always demonstrated an awareness of today’s most pressing issues and how they impact investors. As a result of these relationships, he has been able to design and implement strategies related to hedge funds and other finance tools and create winning situations for himself, his employees, and countless investors.

In designing the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund, the major drawing point for investors has been the eight percent return. For investors who have as little as $2,500 as well as other savings accounts such as a 401K or other option, the fund allows them to add or withdraw money every quarter. This provides a great level of control over their money, while also limiting risk and offering high-growth potential. And of course, the fund’s statement that it will make no money until investors receives at least an eight percent return on their investment also bodes well. Unique to most hedge funds on Wall Street, this fund instead focuses strongly on helping the average middle-class investor make good choices with their money. In doing so, the fund’s popularity will only increase with investors.