FreedomPop: A Company Moving Up The Ranks With Incredible Agility

FreedomPop will soon become a household name for wireless and mobile phone service. It’s affordability in Wi-Fi and mobile service supercedes most, if not all, other Wi-Fi providers. It’s Wi-Fi network is owned by a number of various ISPs and popular assemblage. There are many places FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi operates, though providers were not disclosed in an interview by Steveball/Shutterstock from FreedomSpot’s CEO Stephen Stokols. Some of the names of these highly publicized malls and other popular areas are: Starbucks, McDonalds, Panera Bread, Walmart, and Home Depot. Also included are such great names as Google,and AT&T Since FreedomPop is not joining with Boingo, the airports at present, will not have their Wi-Fi.

This FreedomPop review says they have developed an Android device to tie the various networks together. This app will act as a schematic for the ten million Wi-Fi locations. When thse locations are available the app will log device to the access point when they are accessible. This implements reliable links at Wi-Fi locations that utilize encrypted connectivity. When ISP’s acquire newer Wi-Fi technology FreedomPop will be able to move its app to new login automation. Although FreedomPop plans on superceding Sprint in terms of technology, FreedomPop will be engaging the usage of almost any device one has lying about that has a Wi-Fi radio. FreedomPop can connect these old devices that are now defunct from major cellular service. Though FreedomPop is in it’s infancy they are climbing at a swift competitive rate with their Wi-Fi economy. They are producing a low-fee Wi-Fi connection with unlimited use at 10 million WiFi locations. The company reports that 90% of mobile user data is Wi-Fi connected. Their Wi-Fi capabilities can utilize a users’ multiple devices through their Android app. There will soon (within two weeks at the time of the article dated 1/21/15 submitted by Ingrid Lunden) be an iPhone app as well. The company is offering, though somewhat limited usage, 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts, and 500MB data/month. According to Stokels this is a “standalone service” since it becomes a manner of bringing on new users from other providers or possibly from no providers at all. A business plan to attract abandoned phones( a user phone with no connectivity or cellular provider) is underway though, admittedly this particular enterprise does not create too much revenue.

FreedomPop is based in L.A. and is supported by many investors which include Skype’s investment company called Mangrove.