FullCycle’s New Green Energy COO

Sam Tabar has recently been named as COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. He has long been working to establish a key role within the company so this news comes as no surprise. Tabar’s new role will see him in a role in which he works with a talented senior leadership team that will successfully deliver the company from high cost operations into a low cost and sustainble route. CrunchBase implies Tabar plans to eliminate processes that, pollute the environment into a new mode of operation that will rely on lean initiatives that take advantage of the green economy.

Tabar has been employed in many industries. Much of his career management budget strategy for financial institutions has seen a long track of success due to this shrewd analyst abilities. When he was head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch, he provided fund managers targeted introductions to company investors. These valuable resources included endowments, foundations, pensions, in addition to other funds that would successfully grow the organization and its surrounding family offices. He has also been known for consultation on complex operations. Tabar was able to build both back and front office teams during this period.

Prior to this period, he was named Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group, which is known as the largest independent fund in Asia Pacific. In his role with this company he was able to manage all the facets of a global marketing effort, giving him a reputation within the financial industry as well-versed in international financial and investment trends. In addition to the years of financial management experience, Tabar has also worked as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Currently, Tabar is using his business knowledge to benefit trade in the world of hedge funds. He is a capital strategist that is known for making his first big move through major investment in THINX, a startup specializing in a fantastic vision: support of women in Africa and Asian nations. It is clear that in addition to his financial prowess, he is a man that cares about world issues.  He talks about his causes often on Twitter.

Throughout his career, Sam has demonstrated his talents by working with several different countries. Throughout this time he has been able to learn several different languages. Tabar is fluent in French as well as Japanese. Being a native English speaker, he is always looking for new ways to understand and analyze international markets and trends. As COO of FullCycle, Tabar can hopefully guide the company into a more green brand that is of international appeal.   Contact Sam through Thumbtack, whether you need attorney services, or investment advice.   Otherwise Mr. Tabar is also available on his official website.