Futurustic Bridges Coming to New Jersey?

When it comes to traveling to New York City, most New Jersey residents are well aware how congested the traffic can be at times. Lincoln and Holland tunnels aren’t sufficient, and there are proposals to build a new tunnel. Yet, one architect proposed a futuristic alternative.

As NJ.com reports, there’s a proposal for two suspension bridges that would connect New Jersey with Queens, and would effectively hang above Manhattan, passing at around Midtown. This would ease transportation for those seeking to bypass crowded streets of Manhattan. A midway exit could be made for a rail station in Midtown.

The span of each bridge would be 3.5 miles, making it a possibility as it would be roughly the length of Verrazano bridge. The estimated construction cost is $20 billion and much of it would be covered by investors seeking to benefit from toll collections.

These collections would be obtained from car drivers, buses, motorcycles, and NJ Transit and Amtrak. In order to mitigate pollution, trucks would be banned from this bridge.