Getting Child Care Costs in Writing

Divorce can be a messy affair. There are so many people that want to part ways with their mates and never see their faces again. If there are no children this may be an easy fix. Divorce papers are signed and each party can go on their way. It can be a lot of trouble to break free of a partner if there are some children that are involved. This is never a clean break. It is even much more likely that you will see one another on a pretty regular basis if the child has some after school activities that they participate in.


One of the big challenges that divorced couples face is

bill splitting for the cost of expenses for their children. This happens on so many occasions because there is no written documentation to support who pays what. In most cases the mother gets full custody. Sometimes there is a joint custody situation, but the expenses are still not completely discussed. Judges will usually order the father to pay child support. In situations where the wife is not working there may also be alimony. The extracurricular activities, however, are not really addressed. This can cause problems because a dad that pays child support may assume that he is doing all that the court requires. He may not offer a helping hand financially because he is not obligated to do so.


In most situations the male moves on with a new wife and sometimes starts a whole new family. This results in a shift in priorities. He focuses less on children from a previous marriage and puts his time towards the focus on the new relationship. This will cause even more strife with the ex-wife if he is paying for activities for step children or biological kids with his new wife. This is why it is better to get everything in writing as the divorce papers are getting signed. This may be the only way to find peace with the issues that may come forth when children decide to play sports or become cheerleaders.


Getting things in writing will cut down on financial confusion. It also stops parents that are trying to take credit for something that they did not really help do.