Greg Secker Wants to Help You Make a Difference

Learn To Trade owner Greg Secker is well-known in the finance industry. He became a millionaire in his twenties and has experience operating one of Europe’s most successful online trading companies. Now, Secker is focused on mentoring those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves. CEOCFO Magazine recently held an interview with Secker to talk more about his work as a motivational speaker.

When asked about the transition into his role as a speaker, Greg Secker claims boredom was his initial driving force. “I got bored sitting at home trading, so I decided I had to get out of the house,” he continued, “I started speaking in 2003, and by now I think I’ve spoken on stage about 6,000 times.”

The founding of the Greg Secker Foundation back in 2011 was also a talking point in the interview. According to Mr. Secker, his goal here is to help spread the entrepreneurial spirit across the world. “Right now we’re focused on helping to rebuild a community in the Philippines that was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. We’re not just building typhoon-proof houses, we’re setting them up for success.” Secker said.

There’s no doubt that Secker has the experience to make a real impact in the world. He owns a hedge-fund, a brokerage, and seventeen separate companies ranging from success summits to philanthropic endeavors. This familiarity with growing businesses will surely help him find success in his humanitarian work, which according to Secker will be focused on the Philippines for now.

“I really want to help the Filipino people. When I speak in the Philippines, I generally get the feeling that many of them have low self-confidence in their abilities.” He continued, “I want to build a programme that can show them they can be successful and can live the best life possible.”