Happier Classrooms with ClassDOJO

2011 saw the launch of a new communication platform for education. ClassDOJO has put into motion a new era of parent-teacher-student interaction. Research shows that Parental Involvement is at the heart of student success in school and ClassDOJO has their finger on the pulse.

In an age that has seen a blending of Digital Technology and Education Protocol,Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary saw an opportunity to change education from the ground up. Their innovative platform facilitates meaningful interaction between home and school. ClassDojo technology has proven to empower parents in over 85,000 classrooms across the United States to feel more a part of the education team than ever before.

How? School Story and Class Story are the current program applications that allow school staff and personnel to communicate as often as daily with parents in 2 out of 3 American classrooms. Administrative staff keeps parents abreast of all things pertaining to the school community through School Story. It is one way ClassDOJO helps reinforce classroom and school values.

Class Storybrings the classroom home as teachers have the ability to communicate throughout the day about classroom activity and individual student progress. Parents can witness learning in real time through visuals shared by their child’s teacher. Parents no longer have to wait for end-of-week class reports or end-of-term packets. Class Story also promotes parent-teacher dialogue which creates a positive culture of collaboration. Each child now has a cohesive team that is informed and connected through any electronic device. Families are engaged in sharing interesting and exciting classroom moments; moments that make great dinner table conversation.

ClassDOJO has stayed committed to its goal of creating community. This Fall term Student Story will be available to give the students themselves a voice. Students will be able to add to their own digital portfolio by sharing work that they are proud of. This new level of communication is beneficial for the popular concept of intelligence that Stanford Research has dubbed “growth mindset“, wherein students are empowered to stretch their potential through intent strategy. Student Story will enable the home-school team to guage student advancement over time.

With a trained eye toward privacy, a built-in translator and a zero price tag for teachers, ClassDOJO has delivered on its mission to create “Happier Classrooms”.

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