Harry Reid to Stall TPA & TPP Until FISA & Highway Bills Pass

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is poised to give Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a taste of his own medicine. Senator McConnell successfully stalled the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general until Democrats relented in their filibuster of the Human Trafficking bill. Now, Senator Reid is vowing to stymie the trade promotion authority and Trans Pacific Partnership agreement until two other bills are passed. The bills in question are the Highway funding bill and the reform to the US Patriot Act requiring the FBI to go through a FISA court prior to obtaining phone record and internet usage meta data.

Senator Reid, who will be retiring from the Senate next year, was clear that the highway and FISA bills are of greater consequence to his party than trade issues. He also announced that he expects to have a unified Democrat party to block any GOP attempt to move ahead with TPA and TPP. Politically- savvy folks like Igor Cornelsen know that, at the same time, Senator Reid seemingly acknowledged that Senate Democrats will eventually relent on the free trade agreement the president is finalizing. President Obama is adamant the agreement will benefit US exports and workers. Democrats are distrustful and believe the trade treaty will end up weakening domestic environmental and labor practices. This is because under TPP, foreign companies will be able to sue the United States in special impartial courts if they believe US regulations unfairly impact their ability to generate a profit in this country.