Harsh Parenting Can Hurt Children Academically

There is a study that recently revealed how parenting methods can affect children’s performance in school. The results of the study showed that children who are exposed to harsh parenting are more likely to perform poorly in the classroom. Harsh parenting includes behaviors such as yelling, hitting and making threats.


The study involved 1,482 students who were between the ages of 12 and 18 who were followed for nine years. Students from different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds were included in the study. The subjects were asked about their parents verbal and physical aggression. They were also asked about their grades in school and interaction with peers.


Students who were subjected to harsh parenting reported that hanging out with their peers was more important than school work. They also reported engaging in early sexual behavior. All of these behaviors lead to low academic achievement. Subjects who had harsh parents were also more likely to drop out of high school after three years.


Ming Te-Wang is an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He was also one of the co-authors of the study. He stated that students who had low academic achievement were targeted for intervention. They were encouraged to enroll in programs that encouraged educational attainment. The programs also focused on helping people develop healthy relationships.


Programs that focus on individual goals can help people who have been parented harshly learn better. This will ultimately help them increase their educational attainment, which will increase their chances of getting the career that they want.